G.I. Joe Tracker is the second in the family of tracker collector apps which focus on vintage era action figures. After several successful years running Star Wars Tracker, I am now in a position to broaden the app family to include GI Joe.

Out of all the possible collecting worlds to choose next, G.I. Joe seemed the obvious choice due to many similarities with vintage Star Wars - strong focus on the action figures, lively MOC (mint-on-card) collecting focus, and a range of accessories to accompany the action figure line. In addition, the G.I. Joe range is truly global with many interesting foreign licensee variations that appeal across the whole collecting community.

Futhermore, the G.I. Joe collecting community is going through an awakening as previously seen with the vintage Star Wars domain as collectors reach a certain time in their life that allows them to indulge in a collecting hobby fueled by childhood sentimentality. The time is right for the unique approach of a Tracker App to be made available for all G.I. Joe collectors!

My hope is for every collector to find G.I. Joe Tracker useful in a way that matters to them, and to help them get the most enjoyment from this interesting hobby! Jared Cope, October 2018.

Jared Cope, October 2018.